Council Representatives for Linton Parish Council 2018

Ms M Mannassi 07767 830050 Chairman of Council
Mr J Bald      01223 891069 Vice Chairman of Council
Mrs E Bald 01223 891069 Chair of Planning
Dr. B D Cox 01223 891231  
Ms A Hammond 07850 385643  
Mr S Hill 01223 892250  
Mr C Hine  07973 406719

Chair of Personnel Committee

Vice Chair of Finance Committee             

Ms K Kell  01223 894970 Vice Chair of Personnel Committee
Mr G Potter 01223 891001  
Mr P Poulter 01223 892419 Chair of Finance Committee
Ms A Smith 07768 159500 Vice Chair of Planning
Dr B Ward 01223 891255 Tree Warden


Appointment of Council Representatives

Allotments Association (Rachel Fosberry) Cllr. Hill
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Assoc. of Local Councils (CPALC): Vacancy
Trustees to Cathodeon Trust Mr Gore, Dr Urwin (no vacancies)
Charles & Mary Anderson Trust Cllr Cox
Linton Granta Football Sports & Social Club  Cllr Potter
Directors, Linton Parish Publications Cllr  E Bald & Cllr Cox
Parish Charities Cllr Potter, Mr John Linsdell, Ms Esther Cornell and Mrs Anne Meeks
Police Liaison Vacancy
Public Transport Cllr Hill
Tree Warden Cllr Ward (Cllr Bald in reserve)
Village Hall Cllr Mannassi (Cllr Bald reserve)
Youth Cllr Angharad and Cllr Ward

Committee Representatives

Planning Committee Cllrs E and J Bald,  Kell, Mannassi, Poulter, Smith and Ward
Finance Committee Cllrs Cox, Ward, Mannassi, Smith, Hine, Potter and Poulter
Personnel Committee Cllrs E Bald, Hine, Ward, Kell, Hammond, Mannassi and Poulter

Working Groups (Advisory Committees)

Allotments Cllrs E Bald, Hill, Kell and Ward
Churchyard Cllrs E Bald, Ward and Cox
Open Spaces, Cemetery, Environment & Glebe Land Cllrs E Bald, Cox, Hill and Ward
Procedures Review All counillors are invited to meetings of this group
Recreation Ground, Venture Playground & CCTV Cllrs E Bald, Hine, Potter, Poulter and Ward
River, Wildlife, Leadwell Meadows & Rights of Way

Cllrs E Bald, Cox, Hill and Ward; Dr Judy Rossiter co-opted, Rights of Way

S106 All councillors are invited to meetings of this group
Traffic (A1307, Traffic & Parking) Cllrs E Bald, Hine, Poulter and Ward
Website & Social Media Cllrs E Bald, J Bald, Hine, Potter, Poulter, and Ward