Linton Post Office

Linton Post Office has now officially entered into a six week public consultation period to allow residents to share their comments regarding the proposal to move the Linton Post Office Branch to 77 High Street, consolidated within Sweet Talk News. 

As a result, the Post Office is asking all residents to submit their comments relating to this new location and proposal. 

The Council has also been asked to provide a formal comment as village representation. To ensure that the council are relaying the opinion of residents we ask for you to respond to the Post Office directly and to ensure a copy of your email or letter is sent to the Parish Council Office to be collated into a collective response that is a true reflection of village opinion. 


The Contact information for Comments to The Post Office is as per below: 



Customer Helpline: 03457 22 33 44

Write: FREEPOST your Comments (Please note- this is the full address to use and no further address details are required)

The Contact Information for Linton Parish Council:

If you wish to also send your comments to Linton Parish Council please use the below information: 


Telephone: 01223 891001


Please note - Linton Parish Council is only receiving responses to allow for an accurate representation of village opinion in the official comment. It will not act as a forwarding office so any comments do need to go to the Post Office direct on the contact details above.